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Welcome to the WINERCOST site!

TU1304 COST Action aims to merge the efforts of the COST countries research groups working on the Wind Energy Technology and design the pathways to introduce it by means of robust applications to the urban and suburban built environment, thus enhancing the concept of Smart Future Cities. This Action revisits safe, cost-effective and societally accepted wind energy technology for consideration in the development of the future urban and suburban habitat.

The principal objectives of WINERCOST is to collect the existing expertise on the Built environment Wind energy Technology (BWT) recently developed as a follow-up of the Onshore/Offshore Wind Energy Technology (ON/OFF-WET) and to investigate effective adoption methods for enabling the concept of Smart Future Cities. In addition, the utmost important issue of the social acceptance strategy will be scrutinized in close collaboration with municipality authorities, industry, manufacturers as well as the international wind energy organizations.

Prof. Charalampos (Lambis) BANIOTOPOULOS, Phd, Prof hc