The 3rd WINERCOST took place at the University of Naples the week 23-28.04.2017 in the framework of COST Action TU1304 WINERCOST “Wind energy reconsideration to enhance the concept of smart cities”. Topics on flow simulations and measurements for wind-energy harvesting and good practice cases of small wind technology projects have been presented, whereas building integration, societal acceptance and related topics were discussed. In particular, Early Carrier Investigators had the chance to work on 2 different projects related to the acceptance of wind energy harvesting projects by local municipalities and the society.

In particular, the Training School was a balanced mixture of lectures, tutorials and hands-on activities. The lectures covered the fundamental aspects of wind energy including wind speed statistics, turbulent flow in the urban environment, CFD and wind tunnel simulation, structural analysis of bearing elements, sustainability, building integration and societal acceptance. The previous topics particularly included an introduction to CFD and wind tunnel testing with some information on wind generation mechanisms and wind speed statistics, the atmospheric boundary layer and wind turbulence characteristics, the structural response of wind turbine towers under wind and earthquake excitation, the design of the steel tubular towers against buckling, the wind-wave-structure interaction in offshore wind turbines, the sustainability aspects of structures for wind towers and the impact on the built environment and Societal Acceptance. This way this workshop provided an opportunity for the trainees to participate in the assessment of indicators that support the strategic frameworks for built environment considerations and societal acceptance. Last but not least, an elaborately planned technical and cultural guided tour around Naples was organised to provide trainees with additional technical and cultural experiences.

The Training School was led by experts in the fields of wind energy. The lecturers in alphabetical order were: Dr. A. Avossa (University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy), Prof. C. Baniotopoulos (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr. R. P. Borg (University of Malta, Malta), Dr. N. Hamza (University of Newcastle, United Kingdom), Dr. H. Hemida (University of Birmingham, UK), Prof. R. Hoeffer (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany), Prof. A. Mandara (University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy), Dr. E. Marino (University of Florence, Italy), Dr. L. Pagnini (University of Genova, Italy) and Prof. F. Ricciardelli (University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy).