The Training School that took place in Chania lasted a whole week during which 6 MC members delivered lectures on Wind Energy Technology; 21 international trainees plus 12 national (without any reimbursement) trainees participated to the event. In the trainees group, there was a 35% female participation. The participants originate from 11 countries. All relevant information including the Timetable and all the educational material (printed Book in digital form, additional presentations etc) can be accessed here.

There, you can also find photos from the days of the TS, as well as the TS Feedback by the trainees that is full of positive comments.

The warm hospitality of Professor Giorgos Stavroulakis (TU Crete) and his co-workers, their professionalism in the organisation of the event and their continuous support to all trainees and trainers are highly appreciated by the WINERCOST chair.

2nd TS Chania 2nd TS Chania