We are happy to announce that the evaluation (voting) process for the logo competition is finalized. There were 3 submissions assigned with number wiithout names and details connected to them, towards a more objective vote. The detailed results are the following:

Submission 1:  7 votes  (15,9%)
Submission 2: 31 votes  (70,5%)
Submission 3:  6 votes  (13,6%)


Regarding the correspondence  of the submissions to participants:

Submission 1: Mr Ivan Kraus (Croatia)
Submission 2: Ms Kristina Kostadinović Vranešević (Serbia)
Submission 3: Mr Simon Tewolde (Germany)


Many congratulations to Ms Kristina Kostadinović Vranešević whose logo design was selected by the majority of MC members to represent Cost 1304 in documents, events and dissemination activities. In addition, the other participants deserve also acknowledgment, as they expressed their enthusiasm for WINERCOST activities and submitted their idea for our competition. You can find the full details of the three submissions (Short CV+ motivation) in the attached files.

Ivan Kraus (Submission 1) | Kristina Kostadinović Vranešević (Submission 2) | Simon Tewolde (Submission 3)

Submission 1 files | Submission 2 files | Submission 3 files