WINERCOST’18 is dedicated to enhance consciousness and know-how about the potential of wind energy in the Mediterranean area, and looking for technology allowing the harvesting in deep waters, i.e. to floating wind energy structures. The Final Conference 2018 of WINERCOST will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the different key aspects, addressing priority issues like structure of atmospheric wind and potential/capacity & productivity (wind mapping), rotor technologies, dynamics of floating structures, wind/wave/structure interaction, geotechnical issues (offshore and on-shore), new rotor technologies, etc. In addition, contributions will be accepted dealing about more general topics like: wind loads on structures, dynamics, grid integration, operations and control, markets, strategies, policies and socio-economics for Smart Cities and Environmental Aspects.

This WINERCOST Action aims to join the efforts of the European research groups working on the Wind Energy Technology and the pathways to introduce it by means of robust applications to the urban and suburban built environment, thus enhancing the concept of Smart Future Cities. This action revisits safe, cost-effective and societally accepted wind energy technology for consideration in the design and development of the future urban/suburban habitat. In addition, the utmost important issue of the social acceptance strategy will be faced in close collaboration with municipality authorities, industry, professional organisations as well as the international wind energy organisations and platforms.

In addition to 4 keynote plenary lectures, 12 parallel technical sessions, delivered by distinguished experts, WINERCOST’18 will offer a full day for technical visits, looking to major wind farm realisations, all recently built (last 10 years). The technical parallel sessions will include also presentations from the A4F scientific community (, mainly by the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) of the project.

The beautiful landscape of the region and surroundings (Ionian sea-coast from Catanzaro to Crotone, via Capo Rizzuto promontory) will also stimulate a fruitful and productive environment for all participants.