The WINERCOST Action objective is from one side to foster and accelerate long-term enhancement of Built environment Wind energy Technology (BWT) in Europe by scrutinizing the wealth of knowledge on Wind Energy Technology (WET) accumulated during the last decades and from the other side to investigate and propose strategies of societal acceptance for the acceleration of the application of such BWT systems.

The WINERCOST objectives are:

  1. The use of Wind Energy Technology (WET) as a source of knowledge for the Built environment Wind energy Technology (BWT)
  2. The fostering and enhancing of the BWT applications
  3. The work on social acceptance strategy and other non-technical issues to accelerate the use of BWT
  4. The dissemination of the WINERCOST outcomes

How networking within the Action will yield the objectives
Within the framework of the WINERCOST activities (Working Group meetings, Strategic Workshop, International Conferences, Training Schools and STSMs) the wealth of the members' expertise will be offered for the analysis of the existing knowledge and its application to BWT systems. The merging of the experts possessing rich onshore/offshore WES expertise with those having a strong built environment WET background leads to the overcoming of a series of technological and practical obstacles, thus leading to the acceleration of the application of the built environment wind energy technology. In addition, the networking activities will significantly contribute to effectively treat non-technical problems and in particular, the societal acceptance issues. As the consortium members are pioneering research groups with respect to WET research achievements, the available manpower as well as the infrastructure (testing facilities/ equipment etc) are appropriate for the successful completion of the Action and for the achievements of the aforementioned objectives. In particular, the Strategic Workshop will signal a meticulously well-structured policy through the Training Schools, STSMs and the International Conferences to transfer the existing knowledge to early stage researchers and engineers, thus leading to the acceleration of the advancement of the BWT application.

Potential impact of the Action
The WINERCOST impact dramatically contributes to the achievement of the Smart Future Cities concept as it will: (1) Solve technical and non-technical problems by using the existing experience from onshore/offshore WET systems (2) Promote the Built environment Wind energy Technology (BWT) good practice applications (3) Thoroughly discuss the strategy to obtain societal acceptance and therefore, accelerate its implementation (4) Educate and specialize early stage researchers and engineers on Built environment Wind energy Technology (BWT) and (5) Start a fruitful dialogue with municipality authorities and the rest of the stakeholders on the use of BWT and the relevant assets

Target groups/end users
The WINERCOST outcomes exploitation is multi-fold: Both the participating research groups/city authorities involved in the proposal preparation from one side and the WET/BWT industry and suppliers, the IEA, municipality authorities and citizen groups from the other side will exploit the wealth of the WINERCOST accumulated scientific and technological knowledge.